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Construction of models of all sizes for foundries, designers, kinematics as well as the energy, nautical and automotive sectors

We produce functional prototypes and serve all requirements pertaining to cad and traditional modelling

Industrial models in wood, resin and aluminium, in small medium and large sizes

3 and 5 axis cad-cam production systems


Creation of models for the aeronautics sector, resin or cast aluminium moulds ...

Our fleet of cnc machine tools

Our fleet of cnc machine tools ...

The formwork technique is the most advanced system for the quick and versatile construction of walls with diverse geometric configurations. The use of formwork facilitates the planning and optimisation of work cycles as well as the shortening of commissioning and delivery times, with the consequent significant reduction of labour costs.

Formwork is assembled on the ground with parallel vertical or longitudinal stacking, forming the shape of the wall to be created and then quickly positioned with a few crane operations...

Rotational moulds

Rotational moulding is a technological process that makes it possible to produce hollow bodies in one piece without the need for welding. This technology obtains pieces without internal tensile stress and with a uniform thickness. Large items can be moulded with very complicated contours in a wide variety of colours and materials.


We create mechanical and/or pneumatic fixing templates from 3D CAD files for CNC cutting of parts at milling workstations and with robotic or waterjet cutting. This jig technology makes it possible to control the exact alignment between the tool path governed by 3-5 axes CAM systems and the position of the part to be machined. This reduces the time and cost required to complete the various stages, increasing the quality of the finished product and controlling the production cycle at all times. ...