Construction of models of all sizes for foundries, designers, kinematics as well as the energy, nautical and automotive sectors

We produce functional prototypes and serve all requirements pertaining to cad and traditional modelling

Industrial models in wood, resin and aluminium, in small medium and large sizes

3 and 5 axis cad-cam production systems

Thermoforming moulds

Thermoforming is a technique for moulding hot plastic materials, starting from sheets or films, under pressure or vacuum.

Depending on the type and thickness of the material used, it is possible to obtain parts that are very different from each other in terms of shape and characteristics.

Thus, by its nature, the range of applications is very vast.

The aluminium moulds can be made by casting or from solid block machining depending on the requirements, covering a broad range of items:

  • vehicle covers

  • dashboards

  • spoilers

  • food containers

In most cases, the produced parts are not finished and they must be cut with CNC machines, using cutting templates which we can design and manufacture simultaneously with the mould.

Examples of our work

Thermoforming moulds for snowcat cabin interiors

Thermoforming moulds for snowcat cabin interiors