Construction of models of all sizes for foundries, designers, kinematics as well as the energy, nautical and automotive sectors

We produce functional prototypes and serve all requirements pertaining to cad and traditional modelling

Industrial models in wood, resin and aluminium, in small medium and large sizes

3 and 5 axis cad-cam production systems

Technical office

The technical office uses a high-level cad software system for the creation of solid and surface models:

  • Rhinoceros v 6.0 for surface modelling.

  • ProEngineer Wild Fire 4.0 for parametric solid modelling and 2D Drawing.

  • Worknc Cad supplements geometric arrangements for CAM processing

We also use high-performance cam software:

  • Worknc 2018

  • Auton V.12

for the generation of 2/3/4/5 axis tool paths.

Of course, these machines are equipped with all the necessary interfaces to dialogue with the other systems.

The vast experience of our staff, for many years engaged in the world of cad-cam and working in direct contact with all levels of production, empowers us to develop solutions for every requirement.